I am a photographer with particular interest in documentary photography, travel photography, architecture, and fine art. I have also worked extensively with musicians on promo photography (as well as full graphic design/videography/management/booking). Please contact me if  you need a photo shoot, or are interested in purchasing any of my photos (all photos on this site are for sale).


These photos were taken on three trips to Rwanda (November 2011, March 2013 and December 2013) to visit the children from the Kimisagara Orphanage. I have worked with my friend Ivy Gowen to raise money for this orphanage since I was first there in 2010. We have raised over $18,000 since then, which has helped upgrade facilities, build a new dormitory and kitchen, pay school fees, set up a rainwater collection system, buy supplies (mosquito netting, cleaning supplies, soap) and food, and get library access for the older kids. We also brought donations of digital cameras with us on those trips and taught the kids a bit about photography, and left the cameras with them. 

While we were in Rwanda, we also spent time a traditional dance troupe of young genocide survivors and at a community art centre, Ivuka Arts Kigali.